Founded in 2012, Jayell Smoke House BBQ was created by David Leidlein to honor his loving father’s memory by sharing his love of BBQ with others. After years of development and research, Jayell Smoke House BBQ Sauce was born. A Michigan based product offering unique flavors such as coconut, root beer, ghost pepper and more.

There are many styles of BBQ sauce from South Carolina style (mustard base), to Kansas City style (tomato-molasses base sauce). Jayell’s BBQ Sauce is a Detroit style sauce. Our sauce is a pop base. Jayell’s BBQ sauce would be described as a thinner sauce. The development of our sauce was with topping pulled pork in mind. With the unique flavors and style of the sauce it pairs great with other meats as well. Use this sauce on anything from pulled pork to chicken, even top your mac n cheese!



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